"This was the BEST PARTY I ever hosted. All my doggie moms LOVED IT!
Other doggie mom friends who didn't do were so jealous.
Kat and Kelsey are great! We didn't know anything about painting and little worried. But we all did great and everyone's portrait look amazing!! I would LOVE to do it AGAIN!
Highly recommend for dog lovers!" -Kumi 


"This was so much fun and much more personal than a painting of a tree or flowers!!!" - Jolee   


  "The Paint Your Pet Party is not just another painting party - the work that goes into creating your canvas is above and beyond! Think about it - an artist is sitting down with your pet's picture and sketching in the contours. The artist is there to assist you with color choices and techniques to improve your results. How can you go wrong?" - Katie


  "So. Much. Fun!! My painting turned out amazing!!! Had an absolute blast!!" - Karen  


  "Such a great time. Easier than it looks. Would highly recommend :) " - Susan  


  "Fabulous evening! So much fun and I painted something I really like and am  proud of! She does a great job of laying out your painting so it is very doable and easy... even if you are like me and have no artistic ability!!"  - Susannah  


  "What a great idea! I AM NOT AN ARTIST. However, you would never know it based on my finished product. I can't draw a straight line to save my life. Kathleen did a great job drawing the pictures beforehand in a easy to paint format. She made it easy to understand with a 3 step process. All the pop art pet portraits were perfect! I'm ready to host my own Paint Your Pet Party now." - Brittany  


  "Had an absolute blast with Paint Your Pet Party! I was shocked at how easy everything came together with just a little instruction and guidance on the shapes, coloring, and pop art! I can't wait to attend another party soon and paint more of my furbabies!!!" 

  - Alexandra